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Ignacy Nowodworski(1980)

Ignacy Nowodworski was born in Gdańsk. He is a sculptor and an assistant in the Department of Sculpture of the Institute of Art at the University of Opole, also an expert in education at the Contemporary Art Gallery in Opole. Graduate of the Art Institute of the University of Opole, honours degree in 2005.

His creative quest began with a series of found objects, textures and surfaces and changed over time. The abandoned interest in “ready-made objects” left in him a taste for contrasts and compilation of various materials.

For his sculptures, he uses wood, metal and rubber, often combining the three materials. Much of his work involves bent wires and welded openwork structures. Structurality also discloses itself on the surface of his sculptures.

The artist’s recent works carry visible trace of the sculpting tools, they move away from excessive aesthetization of the work, reduction in the means of expression and considerable use of black colour. His work interweaves human and animal motifs, thus reflecting the coexistence of two different worlds and the relationship between them.