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Maciej Kasperski(1969)

Ceramic artist, assistant professor in the Faculty of Ceramics and Glass at the Academy of Art and Design in Wrocław. In 2000, he was artist in residence at the University of Akron (Myers School of Art), Ohio, USA. He was a scholar of Marshal of Lower Silesia Voivodeship (2009) and the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage (2010). Featured in LED ART IX competition at the 9th International Lighting Fair in Warsaw (2003) and 8th International Caramic Art Competition in Mino, Japan (design category. 2008).

Organizer and curator of art exhibitions. Works in sculpture and design. Constantly seeks the common ground for design and art objects. An numerous exhibitions he has presented both installations and ceramic objects, which he creates in cycles, built around a particular formal idea and subject. His latest activity were the shows of Carried Ceramics, taking place in public areas. Those are ceramic objects fitted to the body, being somehow mobile sculptures, worn by selected models. Maciej Kasperski creates both large unique ceramic objects (Triplex System) and small design forms (Ritual Objects, Cut Bowls).

His work has also appeared in many prestigious publications , among others. in : 500 Ceramic sculptures: contemporary practice, singular works , Glen R. Brown , ed. Larks Books , New York / London 2009 , Contemporary Ceramics , Emmanuel Cooper , ed. Thames & Hudson, London, 2009 ; Ceramics Today , Jeffrey B. Snyder , ed. Schiffer Books , Atglen , 2010.

  individual exhibitions:
  1. Karesansui, Konduktorownia, Częstochowa, Poland
  2. Carried Ceramics #3, Off Fashion, Galeria Echo, Kielce, Poland
2011 Carried Ceramics, Galeria Epicentrum, Jastrzębie Zdrój, Poland
  1. To look at or to use?, Galeria Winda, Kielce, Poland
  2. To look at or to use?, Galeria Marquardt, Łódź, Poland
  3. To look at or to use?, Galeria Długa, Bolesławiec, Poland
  4. 12+1, Glaeria BB, Kraków, Poland
  1. Ctrl C, Ctrl V, BWA Glass & Ceramics Gallery, Wrocław, Poland
  2. Ctrl C, Ctrl V, Browar Mieszczański, Wrocław, Poland
2005 Ctrl C, Ctrl V, Galeria Epicentrum, Jastrzębie Zdrój, Poland
  1. Ars Amandi, Galeria Muza, Lubin, Poland
  2. Three Elements, Museum of Ceramics, Bolesławiec, Poland
2002 Mack, BWA Glass & Ceramics Gallery, Wrocław, Poland
2000 Ceramics & Drawing, Galeria Epicentrum, Jastrzębie Zdrój, Poland
1997 Smell, BWA Glass & Ceramics Gallery, Wrocław, Poland
  selected group exhibitions:

  1. Three dimensions, Contemporary Sculpture Museum, Orońsko, Poland
  2. Pieczyste. Ceramic Artists on Jatki, Stare Jatki, Wrocław, Poland
  3. 11th International Ceramics Biennial, Manises, Spain
  1. Light & Matter, Muzeum Karkonoskie, Jelenia Góra, Poland
  2. New opening, Dom Artysty Plastyka, Warsaw, Poland
  3. Ceramics Now Exhibition, Galatea Gallery, Bucharest, Romania
  4. Us, people from Wrocław, Dom Artysty Plastyka, Warsaw, Poland
  5. The space between us, Kunsthaus, Wiesbaden, Germany
2011 Out of Borders, International Ceramic Exhibition, Sankt Petersburg, Russia
  1. Argilla, Faenza, Italy
  2. Mixed Media, Keramik Plus , Keramik Museum, Höhr-Grenzhausen, Germany
  1. Treasures of Wrocław, Buttenheim, Germany
  2. Design-Anti-design, Museum of Architecture, Wrocław, Poland
  3. 4th International Small-Form Porcelain eExhibition, Porcelain Museum, Riga, Latvia
  4. 4th International Exhibition of Ceramic Art, Kunstforum, Vienna, Austria
  1. Aus polnischen Feuern, Galerie Brigitte Knyrim, Ratyzbona, Germany
  2. Kinkiet (Wall lamp), Browar Mieszczański, Wrocław, Poland
  3. 8th International Ceramics Exhibition, Mino, Japan
  1. Narrative Keramik, Eastern Europe’s Artistic Ceramic , Ceramic Museum Westerwald, Höhr-Grenzhausen, Germany & Galerie Freihausgasse, Villach, Austria
  2. Céramique du verre, Rabat, Morocco
  3. Spiral of time, Galeria pod Plafonem, Wrocław, Poland
  4. Ceramic from Wrocław – new attitudes, new artists, Galeria Wozownia, Toruń, Poland
  5. 8th International Ceramics Biennial, Manises, Spain
  6. 31st International Ceramic Symposium, The City Museum, Wałbrzych, Poland
  1. Figure and Structure, Galeria El, Elbląg & Gdańsk, Poland
  2. Skyscrapers of Wrocław, The National Museum, Wrocław, Poland
  3. Other Media, Lowersilesian Art Exhibitions (competition), BWA, Wrocław, Poland
  4. Gebrannte Kunst – Wrocław Ceramic School, Landau, Germany
  1. 1, 2, 3… countdown, Galeria BB, Wrocław & Kraków, Poland
  2. Artistic Melting Pot, Twierdza Modlin, Poland
  3. Geformte Erde, Eastern-european Ceramic, Schwandorf-Fronberg, Germany
  4. Sculpture (competition), BWA, Wrocław, Poland
  5. Wrocław’s Genius Loci, Art Fair, Salzburg, Austria
  1. 2nd International Drawing Competition, Kielce, Sandomierz, Częstochowa, Leszno, Poland
  2. Egeria, XII Ogólnopolski Salon Plastyki, Galeria Sztuki Współczesnej, Ostrów Wielkopolski, Poland
  3. Bread and Art or Art and Bread, vol. Silos, Mamut, Wrocław, Poland
  4. Design.PL, Polish Institute, Budapest, Hungary
  5. Polish Ceramic & Glass of the 20th century, The National Museum, Wrocław, Poland
  1. Wrocław’s Ceramic Garden, Museum of Industrial History, Opatówek; BWA, Wrocław; Pomeranian Duke’s Castle, Szczecin, Poland
  2. Black’n’White, BWA Glass & Ceramics Gallery, Wrocław; Galeria BB, Kraków, Poland
  3. 2nd International Drawing Competition, Museum of Architecture, Wrocław, Poland
  4. Sundries, Galeria Nizio, Warsaw, Poland
2000 Polish Ceramic Artists, University Art Gallery, Akron, USA
  1. Young Ceramic, Castle Hill, Lubin, Poland
  2. Unknown Ceramic, Mueum of Industrial History, Opatówek; BWA Design, Wrocław; Applied Arts Museum, Poznań, Poland
  3. Young Design, Institute of Industrial Design, Warsaw, Poland
1997 Form´97 (competition), Poznań Fairs, Poznań, Poland