Dorota Berger (1974)

Graduate of the Faculty of Painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, diploma in 1999 in Krzysztof Wachowiak’s studio, annex to the diploma in Rafał Strent’s studio of graphic arts. She lives and works in Warsaw.

I paint with tempera on wooden panels. I am fascinated by medieval and early Renaissance painting, especially Italian. This is my source of inspiration. I also get inspired by my journeys in Poland and southern Europe. I am fascinated by the old gardens and the sad remnants of them, which are plenty in our country. I am an incurable romantic and in every untypical clump of trees among the fields I want to see a court park. I love to track the remains of great palaces and gardens with a map in my hand.

Besides, I love fairy tales  and ” The Chronicles of Narnia”. All this together shapes the way I paint. And music…. early, Baroque, folk, Italian tarantella – it surrounds me at all times.



2021 The Way Galeria M Wrocław, PL
2018 Personal Landscapes Bohema Nowa Sztuka Gallery Warsaw, PL
2015 Mappa Mundi Korekta Gallery Warsaw, PL
2010 Green Places Latająca Gallery Warsaw, PL
2008 Żywiciel Restaurant Warsaw, PL
2005 The Institute of Polish Culture Prague, CZ
2003 Karowa Gallery Warsaw, PL
2014 Colour, symbol et cetera Unicorn in Florence Auditorium al Duomo Korekta Gallery Florence, IT Warsaw, PL
2012 Italian, Italian! Our Italian inspiration Theological Places Polswissart Gallery Auditorium al Doumo Podziemie Kamedulskie w Lasku Bielańskim Warsaw, PL Florence, IT Warsaw, PL
2011 Renaissance of renaissances Opole, PL
2000 Master and student Katarzyna Napiórkowska Gallery Warsaw, PL

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