Katarzyna Adamek-Chase (1980)

Graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Kraków at the Faculty of Graphic Arts. Received her diploma in 2005 under the guidance of profesor Jerzy Kucia. In 2004, she completed a six-month scholarship at the Faculty of Fine Arts of the Universitat Politècnica de València in Spain. 

In her work to date she wanders from places to humans. The artist – observer, she looks at places carefully and from distance – her paintings feature cities, gardens, urban tissue, and then she turns towards the landscape and paints balanced, spatially and air-filled representations of nature. We will not see people here, and the perspective from which we look at those places – habitats gives the impression of separation, as if we were looking at them from afar, as if we were strangers from another world. In her latest series PLANETARIUM and BODY we notice a turn of the painter’s attention towards people and the human figure.

Katarzyna is a painter, graphic designer, illustrator and photographer.


Awards & distinctions:

Artists Of The Week 2-23-2015, curated by Jessica McQueen, online gallery SaatchiArt (2015)

Strabag Art Award, Nomination to the semifinal, Vienna, Austria (2013)

Artslant Showcase Winner online competition, painting category, Los Angeles, USA (2013)



2021 Tenderness & Ire Galeria M Wrocław, PL
2020 Thin Skin Raven Gallery Kraków, PL
2019 Planetarium IV Galeria M Wrocław, PL
2018 Planetarium III Gardzienice Gallery Lublin, PL
2017 Planetarium Planetarium II Bałucka Gallery Cracow Gallery Weekend KRAKENS, Raven Gallery Łódź, PL Kraków, PL
2016 Everything I Touch turns to lines City Gallery Sanok, PL
2015 Lapidarium One course of time CK Agora Galeria M Wrocław, PL Wrocław, PL
2014 GEOmetry II GEOmetry Raven Gallery Kuratorium Gallery Kraków, PL Warsaw, PL
2013   Personal Maps Linearia The Polish Baltic Philharmonic Nowa Huta Culture Centre Galeria Pod Plafonem Gdańsk, PL Kraków, PL Wrocław, PL
2012 Dualism - paintings by Katarzyna Adamek & sculptures by Dieter Rammlmair Dreamy spaces - painting & photography   Klub Migawka Gallery Hanover, DE Kraków, PL
2011 Fleeting cities Galeria Ether Warsaw, PL
2010 Canvas - painting & drawing 4h-ART gallery Hanover, DE
2009 wHoman - painting & drawing Justine Bottger Gallery Berlin, DE
2023 Wszystkie pory pejzażu IMO Gallery Stary Sącz, PL
2019 Color&Form, Krakow Clairvoyants, show of projects for children book illustrations Kotlownia Gallery Milano Gallery Kraków, PL Warsaw, PL
2016 Jesienne Konfrontacje, Polish Painting Triennale 8th International Biennale of Miniature Beyond Reality 9 International Biennale of Miniature BWA Polish Center in Brussels Victorian Artists Society Centre of Cultural Promotion "Gaude Mater" Rzeszów, PL Brussels, BE Melbourne, AU Częstochowa, PL
2015 8th International Biennale of Miniature 8th International Biennale of Miniature 8th International Biennale of Miniature Beyond Reality 8th International Biennale of Miniature 8th International Biennale of Miniature Sopot Fringe Festival Nowohuckie Centrum Kultury Brotzinger Art Gallery City Gallery POLArt Festival, Victorian's Artists Siciety Gallery Galeria Pod Plafonem The Stanislaw Staszic Museum Gallery Zatoka Sztuki Kraków, PL Pfarzheim, DE Tarnów, PL Melbourne, AU Wrocław, PL Piła, PL Sopot, PL
2014 Fabric of the Land   8th Drawing Biennial 8th Miniature Biennial 9th Biennial Quadro Art   Pryzmat Gallery       Aberdeen, UK Kraków, PL Lubaczów, PL Częstochowa, PL Łódź, PL
2013 9th Triennial of Small Format Paintings 3 Operas. Open-air in the Opera Krakow Art Expo   Kraków Opera Dwór w Tomaszowicach Toruń, PL Kraków, PL Tomaszowice, PL
2012 Distinction at the Untouchable exhibition       Urbanitat Lebenstraum Camaver Kunsthaus Poznań, PL Monheim en Rhein, DE Bellano/Como, IT
2011 HanseArt Bremen 10th Young Art Auction   Bremen Art Fair Desa Unicum Longin Studio Gallery Bremen, DE Warsaw, PL Kraków, PL
2008 Available Art Museumsquartier Vienna, AT
2006 mARkeT Galeria na Piętrze Zabierzów, PL
2004 Available Art Searching for own worlds II Sheik Yerbouti Gallery SOLVAY Center of Modern Art Kraków, PL Kraków, PL

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