Mirek Antoniewicz – 24h of MANKIND


Mirek Antoniewicz is currently working on his new, unique art book titled 24h of Mankind, which is to consist of 24 acrylic paintings on paper (50 x 70 cm).

It will be another work by the Wrocław-based artist in this beautiful, inspiring and challenging field of art. His previous artworks can be found, among others, in the contemporary art book collection of Stanford University, CA, USA (ALPHABET, 1997, oil on paper).

ALFABET 1997 , olej, papier


For the time being, we encourage you to admire Book of Human Hope: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dh8q7VHIWUk, art book commenting on a following statement – art is for everyone, but only a narrow elite knows about it. It is Hope that stands as a counterpoint to that dictum.


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Exhibit plans for both art books have yet to be clarified, we will keep you posted.



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