Sculpture by Łukasz Rachwalak in Galeria M


From the beginning of this year we have been presenting sculptures by a young Wrocław-based artist, Łukasz Rachwalak.

Łukasz is a graduate of the Faculty of Ceramics and Glass at the Academy of Arts and Design in Wrocław, where in 2013, he received his Master’s Degree Diploma in the field of Ceramic Art in professor Przemysław Lasak’s studio, as well as in Functional Ceramics Design in the Ceramics in Architecture studio of professor Gabriel Palowski.

He worked as an assistant at his alma mater in the Laboratory of Ceramic Technology and Ceramic Techniques, at the Faculty of Painting and Sculpture, as well as in the Laboratory of Intermedial Activities in Ceramics and Glass. Currently, his interests and activities focus on photography.

Professionally bound to Wrocław. Privately a father admiring the phenomenon of life.

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