Christopher Nowicki (1950)

Born in Toledo, Ohio, USA. In the years 1968-1973 he studied at the Toledo Museum of Art School of Design and the University of Toledo, where he graduated with a bachelor of arts title . In the years 1974-1977 he studied with Glen Alps at the University of Washington in Seattle. MFA received in 1977. In 2001 he became the degree lecturer at the Academy of Arts and Design in Wrocław. In the years 1993 – 2003 he taught serigraphy  at the Alaska Indian Art Center in Haines . In 2000 he was invited to Falun in Sweden and led a workshop for artists – designers during the Falun Graphics Workshop, in 2001 a mezzotint course for students of the Faculty of Graphic Arts at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vilnius. In 2005 he received the degree of Doctor of the Academy of Arts and Design in Wrocław , and is currently an associate professor .

He has participated in hundreds of group exhibitions and competitions. He is the winner of dozens of awards, including the Grand Prix at the International Competition of Graphic in Seoul , South Korea (1982), Special Prize of the Jury at Boston Printmakers National Competition in Boston, USA (1984), Prize in the International Competition of Graphic Small Forms of Vitoria in Brazil (2000) and the Award of the Rector of the Academy of Arts and Design in Wrocław (2005 , 2008 and 2010 ) .

He has curated numerous exhibitions of graphics in Poland and abroad : Polish Contemporary Printmaking Exhibition at the Museum of the Tianjin Academy of Fine Art in Tianjin, China (2010 ) and the Wroclaw Academy of Art and Design Printmaking Department Exhibition at the Royal Gallery of Art in Edinburgh, Scotland , Neapoli Engraving Center in Thessaloniki, Greece and at the Academy of Fine Arts in Cluj – Napoca, Romania (2010 ) .

He practices graphics and drawing .

  selected solo exhibitions:
2017 Surrogate Reality, Galeria M Odwach, Wrocław, Poland 
2011 Maniere Noire Gallery, Berlin, Germany
2010 Native American Prints from Alaska, Academy of Art and Design, Wrocław, Poland
  1. Tianjin Academy of Fine Art, Tianjin, China
  2. Strzemiński Academy of Fine Arts, Łódź, Poland
  1. Academy of Fine Art, Gdańsk, Poland
  2. Academy of Fine Art, Katowice, Poland
  1. Academy of Music, Wrocław, Poland
  2. Walker Gallery, The University of Nebraska Kearney, Kearney, Nebraska, USA
  3. BWA Gallery, Kielce, Poland
  1. Extreme Dreams Gallery, Haines, Alaska, USA
  2. Culture Centre Leśnica, Wrocław, Poland
  3. Galeria Sukiennice, Kraków, Poland
  4. Galeria M, Wrocław, Poland
2002 Sanchez Gallery, Veitschonheim, Germany
  1. Fine Impressions Gallery, Seattle WA, USA
  2. Sanchez Gallery, Veitschonheim, Germany
  1. Galeria de Arte e Pesquisa, Vitria, Brasil
  2. Galeria Hrnan, Falun, Sweden
  1. Galeria M, Wrocław, Poland
  2. The City Gallery, Łódź, Poland
1997 Horszowski Gallery, Wrocław, Poland
  1. Atelierhaus Bunter Kreis Gallery, Wurzburg, Germany
  2. Academy of Fine Arts, Kraków, Poland
1995 Ratusz Gallery, Gliwice, Poland
1994 Galeria Pod Gryfami, Wrocław, Poland
1993 Wojnowice Castle, Wojnowice, Poland
1992 Red Hook Gallery, Seattle, USA
  1. Pan Opticum Gallery, Wasserburg, Germany
  2. B. Karlyn Gallery, Helena, Montana, USA
1989 Fine Impression Gallery, Seattle, USA
  1. New School of Visual Concepts, Seattle, USA
  2. Landsman Gallery, Cherry Hill, New Jersey, USA
1983 Confectionary, Black Diamond, Washington, USA
  1. Jackson Street Gallery, Seattle, USA
  2. Arthead Gallery, Seattle, USA
  3. Uptown Artworks Gallery, Seattle, USA
1981 Jackson Street Gallery, Seattle, USA

works in collections:

Tianjin Academy of Fine Art, Tianjin, China
Academy of Fine Arts, Katowice, Poland
Grafikens Haus, Stockholm, Sweden
BWA, Kielce, Poland
University of Toledo, Ohio, USA
The Engraving Center, Thessaloniki, Greece
The Ossolineum, Wrocław, Poland
University of Zhubanov, Aktobe, Kazachstan
Adam Mickiewicz Museum of Literature, Warsaw, Poland
private collections



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