Ignacy Nowodworski (1980)

Ignacy Nowodworski was born in Gdańsk. He is a sculptor and an assistant in the Department of Sculpture of the Institute of Art at the University of Opole, also an expert in education at the Contemporary Art Gallery in Opole. Graduate of the Art Institute of the University of Opole, honours degree in 2005. He obtained his PhD degree in 2018 at the Academy of Art and Design in Wrocław.

His creative quest began with a series of found objects, textures and surfaces and changed over time. The abandoned interest in “ready-made objects” left in him a taste for contrasts and compilation of various materials. For his sculptures, he uses wood, metal and rubber, often combining the three materials. Much of his work involves bent wires and welded openwork structures. Structurality also discloses itself on the surface of his sculptures. His work interweaves human and animal motifs, thus reflecting the coexistence of two different worlds and the relationship between them. The fascination with material and texture can also be seen in the lost-foam casting of cast iron.

His works can be found in the collection of „Zachęta” and in private collections in Poland, Germny, Netherlands and USA.

Ignacy is the author of award statuettes: MECENAS for the Contemporary Art Gallery in Opole; OPOLSKIE LAMY for the Polish Independent Film Festival; BRIDGE OF DIALOGUE for the House for Polish-German Cooperation.

2022 Flaw Galeria M Wrocław, PL
2021 Flaw Galeria ZPAP „Pierwsze Piętro” Opole, PL
2020 ECHO Galeria M Wrocław, PL
2018 Insomnia – between the human and animal worlds Academy of Arts & Design Wrocław, PL
2016 Insomnia Galeria Sztuki Współczesnej Opole, PL
2015 Transformers Academy of Arts & Design Wrocław, PL
2014 Skrzydlaci Powiernicy Galeria ZPAP Opole, PL
2011 Edyta Stein Museum

Kronacher Kunstverein Gallery

Lubliniec, PL

Kronach, DE

2008 Galeria Sztuki Współczesnej Opole, PL
2022 The Pack Stalowa Gallery Warsaw, PL
2021 Iron on the West Ray Drew Gallery Las Vegas, US
2020 Autumn Salon Galeria Sztuki Współczesnej Opole, PL
2019 21st Century SculptureSpace Transfer


Sopocki Dom AukcyjnyGaleria Sztuki Współczesnej

Auf dem Horn gallery

Bydgoszcz, PLOpole, PL

Seevetal, DE

2018 Ilustragan 3 Galeria Zamostek Opole, PL
2016 Grupa Ościenia BWA Jelenia Góra, PL
2015 Palais Rastede Rastede, DE
2014 Galeria Sztuki Współczesnej Opole, PL
2012 Autumn Salon


Galeria Sztuki WspółczesnejGaleria ZPAP Opole, PLOpole, PL
2010 Korespondenz – KorespondencjaKontrasty VBKBWA Berlin, DEOlkusz, PL
2009 Kaloryfer inaczej

Salon jesienny

Galeria PanaceumGaleria EMDS

Galeria Sztuki Współczesnej

Opole, PLWrocław, PL

Opole, PL

2007 Sztuka bez granic – Opole w BerlinieSztuka bez granic – Opole–Hilversum Galeria Der OrtGaleria GSA Berlin, DEHilversum, NL
2006 I Międzynarodowy Plener Rzeźby w MarmurzeZnaki czasu Muzeum Narodowe Opole, PLGdańsk


Wystawa dyplomowa

Galeria DE STEENLINDEOpolskie Towarzystwo Zachęty Sztuk Pięknych

Galeria Sztuki Wspóczesnej

Galeria Sztuki Współczesnej

Soest, NLOpole, PL

Brzeg, PL

Opole, PL

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