Fania Kolaiti (1990)

Fania Kolaiti was born in Athens, Greece. She is an interdisciplinary artist, particularly working with ceramic art and design. After the bachelor diploma in the Faculty of Art at the Academy of Fine Arts in Ioannina, Greece, she followed an artistic path in Berlin where she formed her artistic identity of contemporary sculptress. She obtains an academic background in Scenography, Art Therapy and Art Education. For the last two years she has been based in Wroclaw where she obtained the Master degree in Fine Arts and Design, specialisation in Ceramics. She has participated in exhibitions in Berlin, Paris, Athens and Wrocław.

2020 Aegean Blue Virtual Exhibition of Ceramics Herbarium, International Printmaking Exhibition In the name Marble Art Museum School of Ceramics and Pottery Athens Printmaking Art Centre Cheap Art Paros, GR Nikaia, GR Athens, GR Athens, GR
2019 Cheap Art Athens, GR
2018 Vagina Dentata Pi33: Liber Null Berlin x Pi Electronics, Plague Astron Bar Temple Athens, GR Athens, GR
2017 Liber Null Berlin x Phormix - Martyrs Liber Null Berlin Showcase - Heaven Temple Champ Libre Athens, GR Paris, FR
2016 Liber Null Trinity with Modal Analysis and Nullam Rem Natam Pi15: Liber Null Meets Pi Electronics Blanc NOir Art Liber Null XIV - Agony Arena OHM Greenhouse Arena Berlin, DE Berlin, DE Berlin, DE Berlin, DE
2015 Liber Null XII - Control Liber Null Berlin / Monolith Records Duality Arena Griessmuehle Berlin, DE Berlin, DE
2014 Receptor in a Bag CAMP! Athens, GR
2013 Third annual exhibition of Open Printmaking Studio of the Chamber of Fine Arts Manos Loizos Event Space Athens, GR

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