Janusz Tyrpak (1963)

In 1978-83 student of the Antoni Kenar National Art Gymnasium in Zakopane, in 1984-1990 student of the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow, Poland. Member of BKF – The Danish Association of Visual Artists, laureate of many awards, American Scandinavian Society Award in 2014 among others, author of numerous solo shows and participant of a vast number of group exhibitions. Since 1990 he lives and works in Denmark.

Works in collections:

Printmaking Museum, Douro, Portugal

Kastrupgårdsamling, Kastrup, Denmark

Art Museum, Kochi, Japan

National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, Taiwan

Fondazione Sinaide Ghi, Rome, Italy

Tama Art University Museum, Tokio, Japan

Centre of International Graphic Works, Gamle Fredrikstad, Sweden

City Museum, Cremona, Italy

City Museum, Ostrów Wielkopolski, Poland

Roopankar Museum of Fine Arts, Bhopal, India

Graphic and Poster Art Collection, Victoria, Australia

Contemporary Art Museum, Chamalieres, France

2018 Hybrid Pathways Swedish Chaps Galeria M Artyfact Gallery Wrocław, PL Båstad, SE
2017 Face to Face with Models & Masters Vesthimmerlands Museum Aars, DK
2016 Swedish Chaps Lund, SE
2015 Nordic Expressions Kemmerer Library New Jersey, US
2014 Masters & Portraits Dronninglund Art Center Gallerie Munken Gallerie Rasmus Dronninglund, DK Løkken, DK Skagen, DK
2013 From Time to Time City Museum Muszyna, PL
2012 JÄGER & JANSSON Galleri Galleri - Juel Verland Art Lund, SE Holbæk, DK
2011 Time to Play   Portrætter Galeria M Mała Galeria Vestjyllands Kunstmuseum Wrocław, PL Nowy Sącz, PL Tistrup, DK
2010 Galleri Tornby Tversted, DK

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