Krzysztof Skórczewski (1947)

He studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Cracow in 1965-1971 and received his diploma at the Faculty of Graphic Arts. Until 1976, he created 30 linocuts, he also made graphic design. While studying at the Royal College of Art in Stockholm in 1976, he turned to copperplate printmaking. Since then he has created over 240 copperplate engravings in series such as Dolls, The Tower of Babel, Building of the Ark and Gardens.

Together with his wife, he runs a graphic studio in Cracow together with a printing house, all his copperplate prints are being made there. He also creates drawings, pastels and watercolors. In the period of over thirty years of work he has taken part in about two hundred collective exhibitions and presented over one hundred individual exhibitions. For many years, he was a professor at the European Academy of Art in Warsaw. In 2003, he cooperated with the Utah University in Salt Lake City, USA, and since 2004, he has been lecturing at the Art Institute of Rzeszow University. The artist has won many prizes and awards, the most prestigious of which are: 1st prize at the International Festival of Graphic Art in Menton (France, 1989), 2nd prize at the International Graphic Art Biennale (Kraków, 1972), Albertina Society Prize (Vienna, 1972), 1st prize at the 6th edition of Premio Sciascia (Milan, 2009). His works are in dozens of renowned art collections around the world.

Works in collections:

Museum of Art and History, Freiburg, Germany

Albertina Print Collection, Vienna, Austria

Cabinet of Prints, Geneva, Switzerland

Kunsthalle, Bremen, Germany

Museum of Contemporary Art, New York, USA

National Gallery of Art, Washington, USA

Copper Museum, Legnica, Poland

National Library of Poland, Warsaw

National Gallery of Art, Lodz, Poland

The Esa Jaske Collection, Australia

NDA Gallery, Sapporo, Japan

Academia Europea, London, United Kingdom

2012 retrospective show Copper Museum Legnica, PL
2011 II Mercante di Stampe Mediolan, IT
2010 Copperplates Journey, anniversary exhibition   Galeria M Decjusz Villa Galeria G.P. Wrocław, PL Kraków, PL Warsaw, PL
2009 Pressing Matter Aglimpse at the Polish Print Continum Autograf Contemporary Print Masters Contemporary Print Masters Polish Museum in America PAN Archive & Steel Gallery Muzeum Ślaskie Michelle Willey Gallery Chicago, US Warsaw, PL Katowice, PL Boston, US
2008 Premio Leonardo Sciascia VI edizione Katania, Formello, Fabrian, Firenze, Venice, Milan, IT
2007   Premio Leonardo Sciasia V edizione   Galeria Hortar   Jan Fejkiel Gallery Tarnów, PL Italy Kraków, PL
2006   Grafika ze zbiorów krakowskiej ASP 1946-2006 Wschodnioeuropejska Jesień Poza passe-partout Angels Galeria Il Tempo National Museum JKK Fine Arts Jan Fejkiel Gallery JKK Fine Arts Bologna, IT Kraków, PL New York, US Kraków, PL New York, PL
2005         Galeria M Przemyskie Centrum Kultury i Nauki Galeria Zamkowa Nowohuckie Centrum Kultury Wrocław, PL Przemyśl, PL Rzeszów, PL Kraków, PL
2004 Josafat's Gardens Galerie Spiegel Eisbergen, DE
2003   Compass       Utah State University Galeria A. Iglińskiej Galerie Spiegel Ośrodek Duszpasterskich Środowisk Twórczych Galeria G.P. Salt Lake City, US Kraków, PL Eisbergen, DE Łódź, PL Warszawa, PL
2001 Jozafat's Gardens Krypta u Pijarów Kraków, PL
2000 Seven Angels - pastels   Piwnica pod Baranami Galeria Czas Kraków, PL Będzin, PL
1998     Muzyka Turnau, grafika Skórczewski European Academy of Arts Akademia Sztuk Pięknych Arsenał Warsaw, PL Warsaw, PL Kraków, PL
1997 Pastels, watercolors, copperplates Pastels and copperplates   Polish Institute Galleria Il Mercante di Stampe Galeria Garbary 48 Rome, IT Milan, IT Poznań, PL
1996   Prints and pastels Pastels   Galleria del Teatro i Joannart Galeria P.N. Galleria Joannart Porter Troupe Gallery Lunigo, IT Warsaw, PL Vicenza, IT San Diego, US
1995     Pastels     Villa Municipale Corniani Instytut Polski Galeria Piano Nobile Galerie Provinciale i Jan Fejkiel Gallery Jan Fejkiel Gallery Carmignano di Brenta, IT Rome, IT Kraków, PL Liege, FR Kraków, PL
1994 Galeria Bałucka Galleria Joannart Galeria Brama Galeria Garbary 48 Łódź, PL Vicenza, IT Gliwice, PL Poznań, PL
1993     Instytut Polski Guilford College Library Leipzig, DE Greensboro, US
1992       Galeria Rosso Tiziano Arte Galeria Arsenał Galeria P.N. Muzeum im. H. Sienkiwicza Galeria Inny Świat i Camelot Instytut Kultury Polskiej Piacenza, IT Poznań, PL Warsaw, PL Oblęgorek, PL Kraków, PL Prague, CZ
1991 Muzeum Miedzi Galeria Aneks Legnica, PL Poznań, PL
1990 Galerie La Plume La Chaux de Fonds, CH
1988 NDA Galeria Inny Świat Galeria P.N. Galeria 72 Galleria Joannart Sapporo, JP Kraków, PL Warsaw, PL Poznań, PL Vicenza, IT
1985     Centre d'Action Culturelle Galeria Inny Świat Saint Brieuc, FR Kraków, PL
1984 Galeria P.N. Warsaw, PL
1982 Palazzo Sormanii Galleria Il Mercante di Stampe Galerie In Zabo Galeria Sztuka Polska Milan, IT Milan, IT Nuernberg, DE Berlin, DE
1981 Galeria Baszta Czarownic Słupsk, PL
1980 Galeria 34 BWA Galeria G.P. Kraków, PL Jelenia Góra, PL Warsaw, PL
1978 Galleri Angel Lund, SE
1975 Galleri Pro Arte Stockholm, SE
1973 La Galerie des Philosophes Geneve, CH
1972     Galeria 33 milionów - II program TVP Galerie L   Hamburg, DE

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