Monika Cichoń (1980)

Studied Graphic Arts at the Academy of Arts and Design in Wrocław, received diploma in 2005 under the guidance of professor Eugeniusz Get-Stankiewicz in professional drawing (…on ugliness and relativity) and professor Eugeniusz Smoliński in graphic design; also graduated from the Kunstakademie für Grafik und Buchkunst in Leipzig, Germany, in professor Thomas Muler’s illustration class.

She works in the fields of drawing, illustration and printmaking, painting, and also artistic book.

Awards & distinctions:

Autobiography, competition organized by Gutek Film and the editors of Wysokie Obcasy – honorable mention

XI International Biennial of Small Prints and Exlibris, Ostrów Wielkopolski – nomination

International Book Art Festival – TIME, travelling exhibition – prize of the magazine “Wydawca”

Kompas Młodej Sztuki 2007 – ranking of young Polish artists – place 18

VII Triennial of Polish Contemporary Drawing Lubaczow – nomination

Kompas Młodej Sztuki 2010 – ranking of young Polish artists – place 19

Straciłam głowę, art book, in 2013 included in the collection of Musashino Art University Museum in Tokyo


awards & distinctions:

Autobiography, Gutek Film & Wysokie Obcasy editor’s competition – distinction

11th International Biennial of Small Graphic Forms & Bookplate, Ostrów Wielkopolski, Poland – nomination

International Bookart Festival – CZAS – Wydawca editor’s award

Kompas Młodej Sztuki 2007 – young Polish artists ranking – 18th place

7th Triennial of Polish Contemporary Drawing, Lubaczów – nomination

Kompas Młodej Sztuki 2007 – young Polish artists ranking – 19th place

I lost my head, art-book, since 2013 in collection of Musashino Art University Museum, Tokyo

2014 beauty. painting & drawing Galeria M Wrocław, PL
2012 shadows. prints & drawing Galeria M Wrocław, PL
2011 The Granary Hotel Wrocław, PL
2010 what’s wrong with me? Galeria Pod Plafonem Wrocław, PL
2009 what’s wrong with me?

IV International Drawing Competition

from the diary

Jan Fejkiel Gallery



Kraków, PL

Wrocław, PL

Wrocław, PL

2008 images & pictures Modjeska Theatre in Legnica Legnica, PL
2007 zarysowania…on ugliness and relativity Jan Fejkiel GalleryCity Gallery MM Kraków, PLChorzów, PL
2006 study of emotions…on ugliness and relativity MleczarniaGaleria Opus Wrocław, PLWrocław, PL
2003 Graphics & Drawing Esra Gallery Antwerp, BE
2013 Dirty pics


Galeria M

Der Kunstmarkt

Wrocław, PL

Innsbruck, AT

2012 Graphomania, BWA, Wrocław, Poland

Now I know who it is

5th International Drawing Competition



Museum of Architecture

Wrocław, PL

Wrocław, PL

Wrocław, PL

2011 7th Polish Contemporary Drawing Triennial Lubaczów, PL
2010 Michael Landy Art Bin, , London, UK



The book not only to read

South London Gallery

The Forgotten Bar

Wrocław Press Centre

Ceramic Museum

London, UK

Berlin, DE

Wrocław, PL

Bolesławiec, PL

2009 4th International Drawing Competition Wrocław, PL
2007 Daniel Chodowiecki Award Competition Państwowa Galeria Sztuki Sopot, PL
2006 International Bookart Festival – CZAS, award Wydawca Pro Figura V. Junge Kuenstler der Akademie Wrocław

SATYRYKON International Exhibition

Caricature & Critical Graphic

Art Fugrman Galerie


A.Paul Weber – Museum

Rostock, DE

Legnica, PL

Ratzeburg, DE

2005 11th International Biennial of Small Prints & Exlibris Ostrów Wielkopolski, PL
2004 Krasnalomiasto

Wrocław Non Stop

Four essays on sheathing


Eastern Europe Collegium Gallery

Miejsce dla Sztuki Gallery

Stara Drukarnia

Galeria Akademicka

Wrocław, PL

Wrocław, PL

Wrocław, PL

Łódź, PL

2003 Polaków Portret Przaśny, I Forum Młodych

2nd International Drawing Competition\

Pizza Hut, , 1st award for drawing

Painting of the Year 2002, Królikarnia, Warsaw, Poland

Drawings & Graphics

Caricature & Critical Graphic

SATYRYKON International Exhibition

Pro Figura V. Junge Künstler der Akademie Wrocław

Illustrators’ Salon

Caricature Museum


The City Museum of Wrocław


Strzeliński Ośrodek Kultury

A.Paul Weber – Museum


Art Fuhrman Galerie

Poznań Book Fair

Warsaw, PL

Wrocław, PL

Wrocław, PL

Warsaw, PL

Strzelin, PL

Ratzeburg, DE

Legnica, PL

Rostock, DE

Poznań, PL

2002 Metaphors ex Cathedra BWA Wrocław, PL

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