EUGENIUSZ MINCIEL in the National Museum in Wrocław


We are very pleased to invite you to an extraordinary show of the works by one or ouf artists Eugeniusz Minciel, called The Gates of Painting, in the National Museum in Wrocław, which will be open from the 27th January until the 9th March 2014.

Info from the Museum’s website:

Pictures painted in the studio and works created directly in the exhibition hall will make up the latest presentation of the Wrocław-based artist, Eugeniusz Minciel. In the room no. 62 there will be a special box made of stretchers, on which the painter will hang several of his paintings. The artist will paint the white space between them, creating one huge work of art.

This will not be a traditional exhibition of painting – explains the artist. The starting point for the project is an assumption, that Painting – Picture is unlimited, total area. The result of the project will be creation of 2 painting spaces – static and dynamic. The Static space of painting are pictures painted in the studio, the Dynamic space of painting is the one created by the artist in the Museum.





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