Ignacy Nowodworski
1 - 16 April 2022
Galeria M
We would like to invite you to an exhibition of the latest works by Ignacy Nowodworski, entitled THE FLAW.
“A flaw is a weakness, a defect, an imperfection making something less valuable. Sometimes this deficiency is a lack, and sometimes it is an excess – a foreign body, an incompatible element, an intruder creeping into our lives.
My exhibition is devoted to these considerations; among the cracks in the wood, on the structural surfaces of cast iron, in the space enclosed by welded openwork structures, I am looking for a trace of a human being.
Perhaps this flaw is only apparent, or thanks to it we perceive more fully, truly and deeply.”
Ignacy Nowodworski was born in Gdańsk. He is a sculptor and an assistant in the Department of Sculpture of the Institute of Art at the University of Opole, also an expert in education at the Contemporary Art Gallery in Opole. Graduate of the Art Institute of the University of Opole, honours degree in 2005. He obtained his PhD degree in 2018 at the Academy of Art and Design in Wrocław.
The opening of the exhibition and a meeting with the artist will take place on Friday, 1 April 2022, at 19:00.
The exhibition will be open from 1-16 April 2022.

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