WY-BAWIENIA GIENIA (Gienio’s Liberations)

Eugeniusz Józefowski
3 - 21 March 2023
Galeria M

The exhibition ‘Gienio’s Liberations”, is the second public presentation of works created as part of the project called Cela Docelowych Celów, which formally is a creative process with oneself. Cela Docelowych Celów is a state of mind, a mental space in which the artist makes decisions and determinations concerning the present shape of reality that he consciously and intentionally builds. On their basis, visual creative work is carried out. The liberation from full-time work associated with retirement has allowed Eugeniusz to indulge in real creative play, with a certain distance from his former forms of activity. Cela, which translates to the cell, according to its dialectic, became a space for artistic realisations carried out in solitude. For the artist, creative work is a way of defining himself in the process of visually commenting on the reality in which he functions. The exhibition will present the most recent works created between September 2022 and March 2023 and not shown during the first show of works taking place at the BWA Gallery in Wałbrzych in September 2022.

The opening of the show and meeting with Eugeniusz Józefowski will take place on Friday, 3rd of March 2023, at 7 PM. 

The exhibition will be open from 3 – 21 March 2023. 

For their support with the opening, we would like to thank The Jaworek Winery

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