Beata Stankiewicz-Szczerbik (1967)

Studied at the Faculty of Glass & Ceramic at the Academy of Art and Design in Wrocław. Creates unique artworks made of glass: sculptures, stained glass, tiles, bowls and figurines. Designs and implements glass in architecture, including 12 stained glass windows in the gothic church of St. Maciej in Wrocław, the glass painting called Dandelions in the executive lounge at the Wrocław airport terminal.

She works within many techniques of glass making: burned glass in both open and closed forms, pâte de verre, fusing, stained glass, painting on glass: contour, patina and enamel.

Her works are in collections of the National Museum in Wrocław, Poznań, the City Museum in Jelenia Góra, Polish Contemporary Glass Museum in Sosnowiec and many others.

2019 Superpositions Superpositions, The Venice Glass Week Wrocław Contemporary Museum Venice Exhibition Gallery Wrocław, PL Venice, IT
2011 off-Glass 2011 off-Glass 2011 off-Glass 2011 BWA Spiegel Gallery Zamek Książąt Pomorskich Wrocław, PL Minden, DE Szczecin, PL
2010 Glass Karkonosze Museum Jelenia Góra, PL
2008 Id vitro Galeria BB Kraków, PL
2007 Glasrijk Tubbergen, NL
2006 Splendor Fenestrarum Museum of Architecture Wrocław, PL
2003 Glass & Stained Glass Museum of Architecture Wrocław, PL
1999 On sky, earth, cats, women and dreams Galeria Na Odwachu Wrocław, PL
1997 Galeria Labirynt Galeria Labirynt Kraków, PL
1996 Diploma Exhibition Galeria Na Odwachu Wrocław, PL
2012 New opening Light & Matter Space between us Feast at the Masters Galeria ZPAP Karkonosze Museum Kunsthaus Art Palace Warsaw, PL Jelenia Góra, PL Wiesbaden, DE Kraków, PL
2011 Underwater Wrocław 5+3, European Night of Museums Meeting   Galeria M White Stork Synagogue Wrocław, PL Wrocław, PL Wrocław, PL
2010 Three women and trees Glass Galeria Sztuka-Szkło Galeria ego&eco Warsaw, PL Warsaw, PL
2009 Polish Glass of 21st Century Glass-a-Porter Stankiewicz-Szczerbik, Dubiel, Krzemińska City Museum Roskilde Kunstforening Leon Salet Arte Jelenia Góra, PL Roskilkde, DK Maastricht, NL
2008 Glass-a-Porter Glasrijk Unikaty Stankiewicz-szczerbik, Karbownik, Dubiel, Rubaniuk Cocktail, contemporary glass Kunst Industri Museet, Danish Museum of Art&Design   Karkonosze Museum Galeria Meander The Pomeranian Dukes' Castle Denmark Tubbergen, NL Jelenia Góra, PL Zevenaar, NL Szczecin, PL
2007 Glasrijk, Tubbergen, The Netherlands The International Exhibition of Glass Kanazawa The International Exhibition of Glass Kanazawa-Notojima Bakhtiar-Matthijs-Stankiewicz Szczerbik-Reina Salina-Mos Glass sculpture       Galerie Rudolfv Galeria Het Gouden Schapel Tubbergen, NL Kanazawa, JP Kanazawa, JP Amsterdam, NL Doesburg, NL
2006 Glass connects, trubute to Przemysław Kornacki Glass connects, trubute to Przemysław Kornacki Glass connects, trubute to Przemysław Kornacki Lumen, lumen BWA National Museum Galeria Studio European Glass & Stained Glass Art Wrocław, PL Poznań, PL Warsaw, PL France, Poland, Hungary
2005 Annunciation in contemporary art   Verre Lumiere, Couleur-la jedne creation polonaise   Glass Gallery NIKH   Frankfurt am Oder, DE Tilburg, NL Bourg-la Reine, FR
2003 Glass, Arsenal, Wrocław, Poland   City Arsenal Studio Borowski / Habatat Gallery Wrocław, PL Tomaszów, PL
2002 Permeation, contemporary stained glass show Zakład Żeleńskich Kraków, PL
2001 Polish Contemporary Glass Muzeum Okręgowe Jelenia Góra, PL
2000 Ornamenta Silesiae Staind glass 2000 Fragile glass, ASP, Wrocław Polish Glass Young Glass National Museum Klasztor oo Dominikanów Centre Polonais BWA Wrocław, PL Kraków, PL Bruxelles, BE Wrocław, PL
1999 New Glass Review 20 Glass Unknown, Smalands Museum, Sveriges Glassmuseum, Sweden The Corning Museum of Glass Smalands Museum, Sveriges Glassmuseum New York, US Sweden
1998 Young Design Design Institute Warsaw, PL
1997 Glass Unknown Glass Makers' Clan Książ Castle   Książ, PL Lubin, PL
1996 50th anniversary of Academy of Art and Design Ossolineum Wrocław, PL
1994 Dajewska and students Wrocław, PL
1993 & 1992 Young glass Wrocław, PL

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