Helena Minginowicz
24.03 - 8.04.2023
Galeria M

“Everyday Stories” is a multi-dimensional, painterly record of everyday life, an artistic account of oneself and one’s surroundings, a poetic and dreamlike inventory full of hidden themes and meanings. Here we find everyday objects and ordinary activities painted with flair and in luscious colours: breakfast, shower, flowers, fruit, but also self-portraits and works focused on a selected part of the body.

Each element is treated with focus and respect, after all, it is the small everyday things and processes that matter, and upon which our world is based. At the same time, if we stay with the works for a little while longer, we begin to see the other side of them. The sensual lips in the painting “Innocent Kiss” turn out to be the gateway to the rabbit hole, once we cross it, nothing is so plain anymore.

Are we in the outside world or in the subconscious? Is this a dream or a reality? Shower water or tears? Breakfast or evanescence? The flesh or the flower or the animal? Helena’s universe or my own?

The paintings here are full of softness, mouthwatering colour, and unhurried. At times childlike and romantic, full of tactile qualities. Its character and mood perfectly capture the moment of suspension between reality and dreams, events and emotions, darkness and affectionate humour.

Helena Minginowicz: I tell stories about entities that we tend to ignore but which require our tenderness and sensitivity. Maybe, in fact, it is ourselves, only in a completely different form. We observe our emotions, the ones we often hide, the states we have learned to disregard. I transpose them into the surrounding, animated, humanized reality. A world that seems safe, and naïve but also childishly and uncompromisingly honest – a world that I cannot ignore, that must be revealed or discovered.

The opening of the exhibition and meeting with the artist will take place on Friday, March the 24th. 

The exhibition will be open from 24.03 – 8.04.2023. 

For their support with organising the opening, we would like to thank VININOVA

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