Mirēk & Renē Pascal PAINTING

Mirek Antoniewicz & Renē Pascal
22 April 2016
Galeria M

Please, feel invited to the opening of the painting exhibition by Mirek Antoniewicz and Renē Pascal.

Born in Lyon, France. He is a mysterious artist, rarely appears in public, seldom exhibits his work. Patron of the arts and a collector, he searches for artists, for whom he organises exhibitions in an independent venue, which is known in Milan under the name Piscinacomunale Spaziodarteincopisteria. Adelaide de Martino wrote about him that he prefers to play second fiddle, speak through his works, which unlike him, are to be visible, are to touch the viewers and to arouse their couriosity.

Painter, lives and works in Wrocław. Represented by Galeria M since 1997. Had over 50 solo exhibitions in Poland, Italy, Germany, Sweden, Denmark, participated in numerous group shows and contests. Laureate of artistic awards in Poland and abroad. Maria Dziedziniewicz, owner of Galeria M, wrote about this cycle of paintings that it is not a diary of the artist’s life, but a series of significant sequences evoking situations experienced by the 1950s generation. This individual commentary of the reality, made with a great delicacy, frequently ironic, gives us an opportunity to look back from today’s perspective. It becomes a question about the possibilities and determinants of our life choices. 

The opening of the show will take place on Friday, 22 April 2016 at 7 pm.

The exhibition will be open til the 2 May.

Mirek i Rene Pascal (9)Mirek i Rene Pascal (4)  Mirek A 018 copyMirek i Rene (7)


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