European Night of Museums 2015
16 May 2015
Galeria M Odwach

At this year’s Night of Museums, we are delighted to open a very special exhibition – we will present over twenty paintings by Tadeusz Wroński. His works have been absent in the art market for almost two decades. 

The most important place is Tadeusz Wroński’s studio, which we called ‘the pigeon studio’, located in the attic of a townhouse at Zieliński street. Over there he lived, painted, hosted numerous guests, drank vodka with them, told stories, fed doves. One whoop ‘Let’s go to Tadeusz!’ was enough for the place to fill up with artists, friends, gallerists and collectors. The colorful crowd sat, drank, discussed not only art and Tadeusz was a perfect and natural host. Quite often though, in the middle of those gatherings he would start painting, smoking a cigarette and suddenly completely absent minded. Slowly, the buzz would stop, the studio emptied out, left, was only the painter and his pigeons.

For Tadeusz Wroński it was important to paint in a way so that the ambience of the painting was easily tangible and felt. Strong composition and inner architecture of the artwork, dense textures of paint, visible gesture and confident brushwork, but most importantly, the usage of colour (one can see his fascination with Kapists) were the main attributes of his paintings. Cycles War or Pax are repercussions of his war years, Musicians and Circus Performers are surely reflection of childhood memories, however, most of his paintings have very well withstood the test of time and today, our interpretations may be wider and more universal.

Tadeusz Wroński was born in Skarżysko Kamienna, on the outskirts of Świętokrzyskie Mountains, where he spent his youth and a part of the war years. Since 1944 he was a soldier of the Home Army and the war experience had forever marked his life and work. In the picture published in this year’s first edition of the newsletter of the ZPAP (Polish Artists Association), showing a group of soldiers Żagan Forest Garrison, Tadeusz is in the company of artists: Leon Podsiadły, Michał Jędrzejewski, Andrzej Żarnowiecki and others. Whole group of friends ended up studying art in Wrocław and with some of them Tadeusz was collaborating until the 1990’s. He graduated in 1958 under the guidance of professors Maria Dawska and Eugeniusz Geppert. For many years he was a member of ZPAP. I presented his works in 1979 in the Lesnica Castle Gallery and in 1996 in Galeria Pod Plafonem. He died in 1998. Since then, his works have remained unavailable to the public and slowly fell into oblivion. 

Tadeusz Wroński’s art is extremely distinctive, consistent and important for Wrocław’s culture. With this exhibition, I would like to give it a chance to re-appear on the artistic map of our city, remind our audience about it, introduce it to the younger generation, but also start a discussion about Tadeusz Wroński and his remarkable work.

Maria Dziedziniewicz


Opening: European Night of Museums, 16 May 2015 at 8 pm

Exhibition open from 16 – 26 May 2015

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