MY FUKUSHIMA Mirek Antoniewicz in Munich


On Wednesday, 30 of April 2014 at 7 pm in Munich gallery Die Färberei there will be the opening of MY FUKUSHIMA exhibition, dedicated to the tragic earthquke that took place in Japan in 2011. The exhibition is organized by the Association ArtNations München, presented will be the works of 64 artists from 23 countries around the world, including Mirek Antoniewicz

Together with invitation to the show, each artist received an original haiku or gogyohshi by Taro Aizu, and was asked to prepare an artwork inspired by the text. Acclaimed Japanese poet Taro Aizu, born and currently living in the prefecture of Fukushima, is also known to our audience from the last year’s exhibition 24 HOURS OF MANKIND – Mirek Antoniewicz & Friends

Mirek Antoniewicz is the only representative of Poland and the poem he received from Taro Aizu tells about first sports events in the open air:


Rush across the finish line…

A sport festival


Based on this text, the artist prepared the painting titled Fukushima. It is a triptych (three parts 150 x 50 cm) made in technique of acrylic on paper.

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The exhibition is opened until the 11 May 2014.

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